Geith is a leading recognised attachment specialist based in Swords, Co.Dublin.

With over 60 years of engineering expertise in the development of excavator attachments, Geith is a company that is well-known and appreciated for its wide and safe range of quick hitches as well as its selection of buckets.
Geith quick hitches meet and exceed current safety EU norms thanks to patented pin locking systems and design to ensure the attachment is in safe position in the event of a hydraulic power loss. These fully automatic hitches, with 4 independent safety components, ensure a safe changeover of attachments without the need for the operator to leave the excavator cab. “It is possibly the most mature and proven product available today on the market. And safety is our number one priority; it is in the Geith workforce and DNA”.

Bucket Expertise

Throughout the years, Geith has become a bucket specialist offering a wide range of excavator buckets from 1t to 75 tons machines.

We offer a complete range of bucket quality to match the toughest jobs and applications. Geith specialises in customisation to ensure the best fit on the OEM excavator as well as meeting the customer’s requirements.
Today, customers can choose between HD and Rock Duty buckets depending on their application requirements. A wide selection of widths and capacities allows them to maximise productivity and efficiency. Customers can even select their tooth option based on ground condition or preference.
Sales Manager Gerry Kealy says that especially for the UK and Irish market, Geith holds a significant stock of buckets (and hitches) to rapidly address customer inquiries. “It is a key reason for the exceptional growth experienced in the UK throughout 2013 and it is encouraging us to be closer to our customers and reduce our delivery time.”
Geith also manufactures and promotes thumbs, angle tilt buckets, grading buckets, clamps, crushers, rippers and grapples.

Quick Facts




Swords, Dublin, Ireland (HQ)


Hydraulic Quick Couplers (1T to 85T)

Excavator Buckets from 1T to 75T


Engineering, QC Design & Bucket Customisation

Export Growth

Geith exports its attachment range to a worldwide customer base.
It continuously focuses on developing a close working relationship with its customers who include dealers and equipment rental companies.
“The majority of our products are sold in the UK, France and North America. We are also making significant progress in expanding into South America, Italy, Australia and Eastern Europe. The development of new markets is part of our long term strategy.”