Tilting Quick Coupler

Dramatically increase your productivity using the GT (Geith Tilting) Quick Coupler. Tilt your bucket or any attachment up to 180° with peace of mind.

  • Geith Proven Quick Coupler System
  • Rotate any excavator attachment up to 180°
  • Available for 2 – 27 ton excavators
  • ISO13031 Compliant Quick Coupler


Features & Benefits

• Tilt any bucket or attachment up to 180 °
• Available for 2 – 27 ton excavators
• ISO13031 Compliant Quick Coupler
• No Exposed Cylinders
• Variable pin centre design
• Proven technology exceeds current safety standards
• Durable, compact design minimises tip radius extension
integrated cross port relief valve to protect the internal seals

Safety & Versatility


• Front & Rear Safety Locks backed up by two powerful springs which retains the attachment rear pin in case of cylinder failure
• Powerful spring activated safety locks work in all dirty environments unlike gravity systems


• Dig level foundations without having to level the machine tracks
• Carry out landscaping with minimum disruption to the ground
• Reduce waste and manual labour when filling pea gravel around pipes and manholes
• Carry out rock breaking at the sides of deep trenches where standard couplers can’t reach
• Expand the working envelope of the machine when hedge or brush cutting
• Ability to reverse buckets to allow the operator to excavate against walls and under pipes


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