The Geith Universal Thumb provides an efficient and affordable method of handling rocks, brush, tree stumps, pipes and other hard-to-maneuver materials.

  • Custom designed thumb
  • Reinforced pivot areas provide extra strength
  • Load holding valve to prevent slippage

Product Description


Universal Easi-Klamp Hydraulic Thumb

The Geith Universal Easi-Klamp Hydraulic Thumb provides an economical, easy to install, solution to your hydraulic thumb applications. We offer a wide range of fixed widths and lengths to best fit your excavator and meet your application’s needs.

  • Quick and easy installation on dipper stick
  • Weld on base plate with no main pin removal during installation (HK Model)
  • Hydraulics Enable controlled movement of thumb
  • Thumb easily retracts to the stick or can be removed completely when not in use
  • Load holding valve helps prevent slippage
  • Serrated edge holds material secure to bucket for superior material handling
  • Oversized high profile pivot pin prevents twisting
  • AR 400 steel throughout provides strength, durability, and abrasion resistance
  • Heavy duty cylinder for the most demanding applications
  • Reinforced pivot area provides extra strength

Universal Auto-Klamp Mechanical Thumb

The Geith Universal Auto-Klamp Mechanical Thumb and it’s auto-slide system enables the operator to easily release the thumb to one of the multiple pre-set positions and fold the thumb back to it’s store position. All of which is accomplished by a combination of toggling a lever and curling the bucket.

  • Automatically folds and stores away when not in use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Weld-on base plate with no need to remove main pin during installation
  • No additional hydraulics required
  • Auto-slide system for fast thumb deployment
  • AR 400 steel throughout provides strength, durability, and abrasion resistance
  • High strength mounting pins and one piece base plate
  • Oversized high profile pivot pin prevents twisting


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