Geith is proud to present to you the new quick coupler for 1-2 Tonne Excavators. Adding this coupler to the Geith portfolio completes the Geith range for 1-85 tonne hydraulic quick couplers, offering you the customer the full package for your excavator fleet.


You might think that because we already have a wide range of hydraulic quick couplers available from 4-85 Tonne that making a smaller one for 1-2 tonne would be a formality, that could not be more far from the truth,

Although we have the talent and engineering skills this project was not a copy paste of the Geith coupler as it is and scaled down.

This was a full new product project and something that our engineers knew from the start. Yes it has the same safety,functionality and durability as the others but this coupler had to be re-invented, re engineered and redesigned for this size of coupler.

Martin McCormack was the lead engineer assigned to this project where not only was he designing and drawing this product but also hands on in the workshop where he trialed and tested different elements with the rest of the team.

I sat with Martin and asked him some questions on the project.

How do you feel about the end product now that it has been launched?

To be honest I’m feeling good about the new coupler, we had set ourselves some really difficult challenges by committing to develop a coupler for this machine range but I strongly believe we more than exceeded our goals.

What were the challenges with creating a coupler of this size?

If you think about the pin centre range for a minute, it starts at 90mm, my current phone measures 140mm long!!! This gives you a sense of scale when you talk about the QC25-30.

All our current couplers moves in a totally linear direction but this simply would not work here, we needed to come up with a concept that would retain the advantages of our sliding system but allow us to get back to 90mm pin centre.

We solved this problem very simply by coming up with a ‘slide and rotate’ wedge action.

The wedge retracts past the 90mm pin position and then rotates upwards following a machined slot in our pick up fittings, that’s it!

Early on we realised that rigorous testing would be required to ensure confidence that the coupler could survive ‘on site’ and in all conditions.

We custom designed and built test benches in our workshop and I have personally spent many hours running a series of tests based on real life scenarios that we have met ‘in the field’.

This testing has been invaluable from a design point of view as it allowed us to make tweaks on small parts of the design but also gave us much more confidence in the product, it really is a product we can stand behind and be proud of.”

What was the feedback from the field during the testing & trial period?

The Coupler itself is a great addition to your mini excavator fleet, it is especially appealing to your rental market fleet where the end user can change attachments with ease, using the coupler is straightforward and safe and with little training the operator can use multiple attachments at their disposal. The coupler itself is lightweight ranging from xkg and has a pin pickup range of x to x meaning that if you have other buckets or attachments in this pin range then this coupler can also pick them up. You can also the coupler in reverse mode meaning that you can use your buckets in shovel facing mode for different application use

Turn your mini excavator into a multi tool machine with the new Geith 1-2 tonne quick coupler. Call our sales team today to arrange a demo or to discuss further.