Geith Demolition Attachments, Rippers, Crushers &Grapples

  • Increase your excavator versatility with the Quick Hitch friendly Geith Concrete Crusher.
    • Can be used as direct mount or with a Quick Hitch
    • Made of high strength, abrasion resistant steel
    • Fitted with replaceable shear blades for cutting rebar
    • Select from 4 models to best suit your excavator from 18 to 41t
    • Designed for direct mount or with a Geith Coupler
    • Available Wear Package as standard
  • • Range from 4 – 75 ton excavator • Apply all the power of your excavator at one point for maximum ripping efficiency • Replaceable tooth and wear shroud (450 BHN) • Added side wear protection to extend life of ripper (for excavators bigger than 10 tons) • Extra thick steel shank for increased strength • Ripper reduces excessive stresses on your excavator