Premium Quality Attachments

Geith has maintained premium quality for the past 60 years and still have the most durable buckets, quick hitches and attachments available worldwide. Why?

Best Welding

Geith has always been known for having excellent welding on all of our products. Our welding focuses on having proper penetration with emphasis on “dressing” the finished weld properly to reduce the possibility of cracking.

Best Materials

Geith has always used highly abrasive resistant material in its cutting edges and all contact points on bucket. Geith uses the most flexible, durable, weldable material available for all its range of Quick Hitches and Attachments from 1 to 90 tonne machines

Best Design

Geith has consistently redesigned its products over the past 60 years allowing improved machine performance and attachment safety.This constant design focus has helped keep Geith as the world’s premium attachments manufacturer. All Quick Hitches and attachments are subjected to full FEA stress analysis during design and tested fully in the field before launch.
From Alaska to Alabama, Mexico to Montinegro, Dublin to Durban, Melbourne to Manchester, Riyadh to Rome, Geith continues to grow, evolve and be the benchmark for attachments quality.