A common question asked when a customer is deciding on a coupler for their excavator is:  “What are the main differences between a pin grab and wedge style coupler? and what should I consider when choosing between both?”

There are many factors when choosing to use a wedge-style versus pin grab quick coupler. In this article, we speak to Global Sales Manager Gerry Kealy to address some common decision factors regarding, safety, productivity, maintenance, and design features between both styles of couplers.


1 . Have you safety considerations for customers & end-users changing attachments on their excavators?

Safety is always a number one consideration for Geith in the manufacturing and design of our attachments.

Standards such as ISO 13031, EN474-1 & NSW Directive have addressed Quick Coupler safety in Europe & Australia which help to eliminate unsafe quick couplers on sites, we are seeing this trend move across to North America and Canada now.

Safety-wise, an ISO13031 triple locking compliant hydraulic pin grabber Quick Coupler lets you change attachments without leaving the cab and would be regarded as the safest option for operators changing attachments. With more on-site focus on quick coupler safety, using an ISO13031 compliant triple locking quick coupler eliminates any doubt about compliance to local or national site safety standards.


Geith Triple Locking Pin Grab Quick Coupler


Some wedge style manufacturers in order to try and comply with IS013031and other safety standards have added a feature to the back of the coupler adding length and weight. Geith pin grab safety features are designed into the coupler frame ensuring compact, simple & durable operation.


2 . Would you like to increase the versatility & productivity of your excavator by reversing buckets?

With a pin grab design coupler, reversing buckets, giving you the ability to excavate against walls and under pipes, is a standard feature. This gives operators more flexibility for doing tasks onsite and is a common feature taken for granted with a pin grabber.

With a wedge-style coupler, you cannot reverse buckets.

Geith Pin Grab Coupler in reverse


3 . Would you like your excavator to pick up a wide range of attachments?

A pin grab coupler with variable pin centres and multi-pin pickup allows you to easily pick up and swap the widest range of OEM attachments on-site, including attachments with different pin diameters.

With a wedge-style coupler, you are married to the specific wedge attachment and cannot interchange easily between different size attachments.

Geith Pin Grab Coupler with variable & multi pin pickup


4 . As a dealer would you like to have a solution that enables your customers to switch easily from other OEM brands?

Kitting your fleet with a pin grab coupler will increase the options for converting deals for customers with other OEMs as the variable pin centre, multi-pin pick-up design will pick up buckets from a wide range of other similar size excavators. It also allows you to stock fewer buckets that will work across various machines.


5 . I have heard that a wedge-style has better breakout force than a pin grabber, is this true?

Contrary to this assumption, the coupler with the better breakout force is the most compact one. While some designs in the field for pin grabbers have a high design, the Geith Quick coupler has a compact design with a low tip radius, minimising the reduction in breakout force.