Simon Uden contacted his local dealer Matthew Fox at Vincent Tractors looking at possible options on purchasing a 3T range excavator with zero tail. He specified he required a Hydraulic Quick Hitch and was given options on different suppliers.

After researching different suppliers online via websites, YouTube etc, Simon was impressed with the ease, speed and functionality of the Geith Control Box. “I spoke to Matt and requested a Geith Hydraulic Quick Hitch along with digging buckets & Angle-Tilt grading bucket which gives 45 degree angle. But after meeting with Matt & Carl Deans (Geith Sales Manager UK South) we got talking about the Geith PowerTilt Quick Hitch. Again I went online to do more research and finding that the Geith PowerTilt went to 90 degree angle and the facility to be able to do that with all my attachments I decided that I’d go with that.

Since we have received the Geith PowerTilt Hitch the ease of jobs, the different angles and positions you can achieve without having to even track the machine is saving us a lot of time and fuel.

Not having to move the machine helps us greatly and I know will save wear and fuel with the machine. The Geith Hitch on the bottom of the PowerTilt is very simple to use and the overall height of the unit is very compact compared to others I have seen”

Matt said – “With the Kubota U27-4 being one of Kubota’s best-selling machines The Geith PowerTilt Coupler is an ideal addition to the model. The U27-4 weighs in at under 3500kg so towing the machine with trailer can be easily movable from site to site”.

We would like to thank Vincent Tractors & Simon Uden for their business and look forward to further supporting their businesses throughout the year.