With demand continuing to increase for Geith Attachments, Geith is excited to announce that we have opened a second distribution hub in Deeside, beside our warehouse in Birkenhead.

This new additional distribution hub doubles capacity to stock even more attachments so that Geith can continue to provide premium service with next day delivery to you, our customers.

All attachments are stored indoors, in a weatherproof, clean dry environment. Attachments are stocked for 1 tonne up to 53-tonne Machines. In stock right now, we have Quick Hitches, Heavy Duty Buckets (for all machines from 30 mm to 100 mm pins), Grading Buckets, Angle Tilt Buckets, Pallet Forks, Concrete Crushers, Rippers & Grapples. Geith also stocks all common aftermarket parts including bucket teeth, blank pins, cylinders etc.

Gerry Kealy, Geith sales manager says, “In the past when manufacturers built to order, customers invariably experienced problems with delivery delays because of one reason or another, but that is all changing”.

“The criteria for buying product can be broken down into three parts: delivery, price and quality, with delivery over the last couple of years becoming an increased factor in the purchasing decision for the customer “.

Geith recognises the importance of fast delivery to their customers and has further invested in this second distribution hub to support the continued increase in demand for Geith Attachments.

All parts and products are shipped via the Palletways network with tracking numbers & signed POD’s online.

Take a look inside the Distribution Hub: