What Customers Are Saying about Us

McHale Plant Sales Ltd.

"We have supplied Geith quick couplers on all of my Komatsu mini, crawler and wheeled excavators from PC45 to PC800 over the past 15 years and have been more than happy with the reliability and performance. Over the past decade we have fitted in excess of 2000 couplers and the durability has been excellent.
Geith is renowned in our market as being the premier quick hitch, superior and safer to all of the competition and we have used the Geith coupler brand recognition as selling point on our machines. We have tried other manufacturers for occasional cost/delivery advantages but have returned to Geith as our primary and valued supplier.

We have had zero accidents/incidents with the Geith coupler and their double lock and curl to release safety features eliminate risk in my opinion. "

John O'Brien
Sales Director

Ernest Doe & Sons

"We here at Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd. have been a Hyundai dealer from day one when they entered the European market in 1992 and remain to be one of their strongest dealers in the UK to this day. We prides ourselves on providing quality products and services to our clients which led us (after extensive research and testing) into choosing Geith as our preferred hydraulic hitch supplier many years ago.

So why did we decide to go with Geith?

After an incident with a competitors hitch which we supplied to a customer the subject of hydraulic hitches became very emotive. We then embarked on looking at hydraulic hitches and suppliers to make a decision to have a preferred supplier to which Geith came out at the top of the list. There were several reasons as to why we decided to choose Geith, these included safety, reliability, quality, service and delivery times to mention but a few.

We have found that since dealing with Geith on almost a daily basis that we have nearly zero problems with the product or company but if we do then we know that the phone will be answered and a solution will be found very quickly. We have found that Geith are a proactive company, always reviewing the design of their product making improvements and adjustments as necessary to comply with all current legislations, this coupled with the strength, robustness and quality of the product leads to the main aim for us which is, a happy customer.

We at Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd. have enjoyed working with Geith over many years and have no desire to move away from their product any time soon."

Yours Sincerely,

Scott Hull
Construction Sales & Admin
Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd.


TBF Thompson

"TBF Thompson was founded in 1961 and has been involved in the plant industry throughout Ireland ever since.  Our mission is to offer our customers with top class quality products and service and that is why we choose Geith as our attachment supplier.
We have been working with Geith for the past 15 years and supplying Geith couplers and buckets on Hitachi excavators from 2 ton and up.  Geith’s long and successful history along with its brand is recognised throughout the industry, especially in the coupler market where it is renowned for its safety, quality, and reliability.
 “Our customers are extremely impressed by the Geith coupler”, added Seamus. The safety features, durability and after service along with the Geith Brand is a huge selling point for us. Customers should not have to settle for anything less”.
We have had no incidents with Geith products and if anything should arise, we know we only have to pick up the phone and the issue will be solved very quickly.

We value Geith as a supplier, and we will continue to work with them so we can continue to build our reputation on trust, quality and service."

Seamus Doherty


Le Blay– Job Story

50% time saving thanks to the GEITH Hydraulics Couplers
Located in Brittany, France, the company “Le Blay TP” is specialized in industrial demolition. Bored by the stack developed over time by his aging mechanical couplers of its former supplier, Anthony Le Blay turned toward the automatic locking solution of GEITH. “After acquiring a new mini-excavator from Kubota, I used this opportunity to opt for GEITH, knowing that the springs and the hydraulic cylinders were forming the stack, due to wear”.

For Florian Latouche, seller at “Axxel”, one of the most important dealers in Brittany, the combination of the mini-excavator U55 and the Geith Tilting Coupler, using the Powertilt Technology from Helac, was a perfect match for his client.  “While going from a 3.5t to a 5.5t machine, it was essential to make Anthony’s work easier. I felt that he needed a polyvalent solution since his demolition sites are always so different from another. Therefore, the Geith-Kubota coupling was necessary.”

After a try-out at the dealer’s shop, Anthony Le Blay has immediately acquired the machine, equipped in this setting. “During my demolition works, I often detach the tools, going from the hydraulic breaker to the clamp or the bucket. The tilting head of the Geith Tilting Coupler gives me a great flexibility on any site, without having to leave the excavator cab. In use, I noticed a 50% time saving thanks to this hydraulic coupler.”

In the sector, Florian Latouche notes a certain enthusiasm for the Geith Hydraulic Couplers. “Regarding mini-excavators, the more the tonnage increases, the more this system is chosen over mechanical couplers. I started working for GEITH 4 years ago and truly, the price vs. quality ratio, the time saving, and the reliability of its commercial team make a difference today.”

Anthony Le Blay concludes: “Now that I’ve gone with it, I’ll never go back”.  For that matter, he’s thinking about buying the new base plate for demolition clamp very soon.

Guyonnet Terrassement – Job Story

GEITH couplers: the anti-offset solution
The Guyonnet Terrassement Company is specialized in public works in the Vendée region (west of France). They have a team of 12 employees. As the General Manager, Lionel Guyonnet was looking for an intermediary solution between its Engcon and Nox couplers to equip his JS210 excavator from JCB. “Our challenge was simple: we needed a coupler without the offset that gets spoiled in time.”

The dealer M3, which radiates from Brittany to the Basque country and is the historical partner of Guyonnet Terrassement, notices that, in the west region of France, clients usually use an offset on the excavator boom. But, for Matthieu Bonnet who deals with Guyonnet for several years, this habit leads to an important and costly modification of the excavator. “In compliance with our client who whished an alternative to the assembly of an offset, we proposed the PowerTilt© with an integrated GEITH coupler. They were 4 competitive advantages for this solution: no modification to the machine boom, easy and rapid assembly on the excavator, reduced costs and the reliability of GEITH products / and trust in the robustness and quality of GEITH products.”
Guyonnet Terrassement, which works for demolition sites, as well as outdoor construction, used this Geith-JCB coupling for the past 9 months, especially for landscaping and grinding.
“Since we were already using hydraulic couplers, the pick up / adjustment period was natural and spontaneous. Today, I especially appreciate the work comfort and the quality of the design, down to the very last detail”, said Lionel Guyonnet who has found a system that perfectly fits between an offset and a tiltrotator, thanks to GEITH.

Model: QC80H1G3PT10

Jons Civil Engineering – Job Story

Gerry Kealy, Sales manager for Geith took the opportunity to visit Andrew Farrell, Construction site manager for Jons Civil Engineering who are currently working on a road widening project on the R132 road under the flight path for Dublin Airport with a fleet of Volvo, Cat, Komatsu and Case machines.
Jons who has over 28 years’ experience in the successful delivery of infrastructural projects in Ireland, only specify Geith quick couplers on all their excavators when they purchase from their local equipment dealers. They use Geith on all heavy excavators from 14 tonne up to 65 tonne. Andrew made the comment in that they ‘‘never had a breakage issue, never had a coupler crack and above all never had a safety issue. The unique curl to release safety position has always worked well for us and makes the jobsite safer. The alarm sounding in the cab is also a good indication of any problem’ ’He went on to say that the operators have found the maintenance of the Geith coupler very easy with no greasing or daily maintenance necessary. The only maintenance they have had to do over the years is to occasionally change seal kits on older couplers.
They have used different couplers on hydraulic hammers and the Geith is the only one to stand up to the abuse that a hammer gives to the coupler. They have several working on 46 tonne excavators with hammers in quarry application with no issues at all.
Andrew sees the Geith buckets as the best bucket on the market, and Geith buckets would always be his first choice, they take heavy application and operator abuse better than any bucket on the market, while there are less expensive buckets on the market, the Geith digging and grading buckets outlast any other buckets he has seen.

Various Testimonails from Plantworx Show UK 2015

Tim Christopher
Amazing awesome tilt buckets, 4 years on and still going strong"

Covell Construction Ltd
Very helpful staff"

Service Excellent, Staff respond promptly, they have the desire and ability to help you. Top Class product"

R. Eavis Contractor Services
I am very pleased with my Geith Hitch and bucket having done over 7500 hours no problems what so ever"

D.T. Motor Factors
Proven Quality" 

Buckley Plant Hire
Buckets since 1989. Tilt Bucket since 1997- CAT 315.D. Still in use on machine today"

Bennett Homes
Staff very efficent. The Digger Bucket in our yard stand the test of time" 

H Dunston
Best bucket maufacturing company"

Duncan McDonald
Geith 5ft Ditching bucket since 1982, had bucket on RH4 for 20 years"

Homden Excavations
I think Geith buckets are very good, they offer a good range and you get value for money" 

John Farmer Plant Hire
The best hitch out of all the ones I own"

Osprey Deep Clean
When I sell Geith, I have very happy customers"

Harry Ausden
Good reputation for Strong buckets and attachments"

MD Dickey & Son
Brilliant Hitch on my Case CX130C"

Jamieson Contracts
Great sales service"

Anvil Services Ltd
Great Product"

NM & GN Young
Best quick hitch on the market"

A McCall and Son
We currently have a 22T with a Geith Hitch, it works very well and you know its safe"