Control Box



Geith Control Box

Geith is proud to lead the way on Coupler Safety and is pleased to introduce a new control system for its hydraulic couplers. With its simple and safe operating sequence, the IP65 and CE compliant device satisfies the present and developing safety requirements (ISO 13031).Front & Rear Safety Lock

  • Easy Instalation
  • Bypass Button 
  • Compatible with previous control box  

Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation and improved performance.
  • User friendly with increased safety and audio warning. 
  • Plug & Play Installation with Suction Pad Holder. 
  • Bypass Button allowing you to remove particular attachments such as pallet forks (as example) without having to curl in the coupler to release the attachment
  • IP65 rated (high dust and water resistance rating)
  • Maintenance friendly and compatible with previous control box*
  • Can be used to power LED warning beacons and Audio devices for additional safety features 

Using the Control Box

  • Step 1. Press the Power button.
  • Step 2. Press the unlock button.
  • Step 3(a). Curl to get pressure & Audio signal.
  • Step 3(b). Press the bypass button for 6 seconds.
  • Step 4. Both Safety Locks will now open.
  • Step 5. Press the Lock button to close safety locks. 

* Bypass button allows you to remove particular attachments when the curl position is not suitable

*One Step 3 is used from Step 3(a) or 3(b) depending on whether you are using curl to release or using bypass button